2014 ALOA Congress – New Orleans, LA – April 24-25

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2014 ALOA Congress – New Orleans, LA – April 24-25

Selected Thursday and Friday Itinerary


11:00-11:45   Dr. Ilya Lipkin Are you ready for suresmile lingual?  What you can’t see will help your practice grow!

Session Description: A comprehensive overview of suresmile lingual, including it’s diagnostic capabilities, treatment planning and advantages over other systems.

11:45-12:30   Dr. Manish Lamichane Finishing with Style: 21st Century Lingual Orthodontics

Session Description: Two of the largest challenges in lingual orthodontics have been torque expression and finishing cases to the same standard as from the labial.  Third-order robotic wire bends are required to overcome the inherent mechanical disadvantage of brackets on the inside.  In addition, the ability to choose your own lingual appliance and utilize a proven technology for diagnosis and wire fabrication empowers us to finish from the lingual as well as from the labial.


3:30-4:15   Dr. Brent Bankhead   New Versatility in Lingual Treatment

Session Description: Brent Bankhead, DDS, MS, will demonstrate how suresmile supports treatment with lingual exclusively as well as lingual and labial or lingual and aligners in combination. The combinations are designed by the orthodontist using the same software platform for consistently predictable and coordinated finishes. Dr. Bankhead will also discuss business aspects of suresmile combination treatment, with price points well below the current rates when appliances are purchased separately.

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