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Thermoplastic Material Technology

Last September, I attended the Master Dental Technician Congress organized by Denon Dental Sp. z o.o. in Tarczyn, Poland.  On my trip, I was able to test the Vertex™ ThermoSens.

Vertex™ ThermoSens is the innovative, virtually unbreakable, new monomer-free rigid denture base material from Vertex-Dental B.V. The material provides an excellent fit due to the lack of volume shrinkage and is suitable for full and partial dentures, as well as for tooth colored crowns and bridges, and different types of implant overdentures. It can be successfully used for repairs, rebasing and relining.

The product is available in 10 colors and in three sizes of cartridges. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of injection moulding machines, including older models as well.

Neither the working method nor the techniques used with this material differ from techniques used with classic nylons. Therefore, there’s a minimal learning curve associated with implementing this material in your laboratory.

Vertex™ ThermoSens is easy to process, and easy and quick to polish.

I encourage you to test it.


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